Welcome Booklet

The Pre-School was set up in 1987 and, over the years, has provided an important service to hundreds of local families. We are a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance and Derby City Council's Early Years Development Partnership. We are also inspected by OFSTED since we are a registered Provider of Early Education for 3 and 4 year olds, whose fees are paid by Derby City Council.

Ofsted inspects the educational aspect of the Pre-School as well as ensuring that all health and safety rules are being adhered to. For information on inspections, and to view our last Ofsted report, you can access their website at www.ofsted.gov.uk

Our high staff: child ratio means that all children receive a high level of personal attention. Our staff are fully approved, qualified, and experienced in working with young children. They also receive regular training in their work.

Please do not hesitate to go to any member of staff if you have any queries or concerns. If you feel your concerns are not being addressed then they should be presented in writing to the Supervisor or the current chair of the committee who will investigate and feed back within 28 days. You may also address more serious complaints to Ofsted on 0300 123 4666 or contact them via www.ofsted.gov.uk

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Our aim is for the children to learn through play. Each Pre-School session is carefully planned to encourage the children to take part in a wide variety of stimulating, imaginative and fun activities, thus enabling each child to develop to his/her full potential. You will find the daily equipment rota on the main notice board which indicates the learning intentions of each activity and shows how each session is structured to give the children a wide range of experiences, based on the Curriculum of the Early Years Foundation Stage. All settings which work with young children have to, by law, follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. This sets the standards for the learning, development and care of children in their settings. Within this framework is the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum which is followed by all settings and schools until the end of reception. It is designed to support key learning skills such as listening, speaking, concentration, and working and co-operating with other children. It is also about developing early literacy and numeracy skills, which will prepare children for the next stage of their education. From September, 2012, there will be seven identified area of learning and development that shape the educational programme that we provide. Three of these areas are seen as particularly crucial for igniting children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive. These are known as the Prime Areas and are as follows:

Communication and Language. Involves giving children opportunities to experience a rich language environment; to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves; and to speak and listen in a range of situations.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development. Involves helping children to develop a positive sence of themselves, and others; to form positive relationships and develop respect for others; develop social skills and learn how to manage their feelings; understand appropriate behaviour in groups; and have confidence in their own abilities.

Physical Development involves providing opportunities for young children to be active and interactive; and to develop their co-ordination, control and movement. Children must also be helped to understand the importance of physical activity, and to make healthy choices in relation to food.

The remaining four areas are known as Specific areas of learning.

Through these areas the three Prime areas are strengthened and applied. They are:

Further information about the curriculum, and ideas as to how to support you child, can be found on the 'Parent / Carer Support' page.

"Every Child Matters"

This is legislation designed to support and protect children up to 19 years of age. It means that all organisations who provide services to children, whether they be schools, hospitals, voluntary groups, children's homes etc., work together to ensure that all children get the support they need to:

Information can also be found on www.ofsted.gov.uk and www.everychildmatters.gov.uk

In addition to what children learn, we also plan and assess how they learn. These are called 'The Characteristics of Effective Learning'. You will see them refered to in your child's learning journey. An overview is available on the board in the hall but if you would like further information please ask your family key worker.

Keyworker Groups

Upon joining Pre-School your child will be allocated a specific member of staff as their keyworker. The keyworkers carry out regular observations of the children in their group and make sure that they are happy and progressing well in Pre-School. Lists of keyworker groups can be found on the hall noticeboard. We arrange "formal" parent interview slots every year when you can discuss your child's progress and our observations. However, please feel free to ask questions or request a meeting at any time.

Child protection and other policies.

In accordance with our child protection policy, in cases where the Pre-School has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the supervisor is required to inform the Social Care Team of the concern. An enhanced CRB/ DBS check is carried out on everyone working or volunteering in the Pre-School. The Pre-School has a formal policy of equal opportunities for all children, parents and employees. We have also adopted specific policies on special needs and many other areas relevant to the running of the Pre-School. If you would like to see any of our policies or borrow a CD of them, please ask a member of staff.

Supporting children with additional needs and disabilities.

The pre-school operates an open access policy and welcomes all children, whatever their needs.  Additional needs should be discussed with the Manager prior to a child starting with us so that the appropriate support is in place from the first day the child starts with us. Our staff have training and experience supporting children with a wide range of additional needs and disabilities, so please, do come and tak to us about any concerns that you may have. Support would mainly be provided, planned and reviewed by your child's keyworker, with the support of the whole team. This support can be adaptations to our environment or routines, one to one support or small group work. We also have experience working with outside professionals such as speach therapists; working as a team with them and the child's parents to tailor support to the individual child's needs. 

Packed Lunch Club

This has proved to be extremely popular with both children and parents! You may either tack it onto a morning or afternoon session, so that your child spends 3 ¾ hours with us, or use it to provide the older child with full-day care in order to prepare him/her for school. Based on our experience we have compiled some guidelines. We hope that you will find them useful and will appreciate that they are designed purely to help ensure the successful and smooth running of the club.

Healthy eating

We have a policy of healthy eating to bring us in line with the policies of primary schools in the area. We would therefore request that children do not bring sweets or bars of chocolate in their lunch boxes. If children see these they inevitably want to eat them first and no amount of cajoling is going to convince them to eat sandwiches and fruit! Names- Please name lunch boxes clearly ON THE OUTSIDE, plus any beakers or drink bottles which are brought in separately.

Crusts - If your child does not eat crusts at home they do not eat them at lunch club either and we have to remove them or the child leaves half their sandwich! If your child doesn't like crusts could you please cut them off.

Slicing and peeling fruit - If your child has a piece of fruit please ensure that they can eat it as it is in the lunch box. If they need it peeling / slicing could you please do it beforehand.

Nuts - Please, no nuts, peanuts etc. due to the allergies of some of our children and staff.

In the summer you may wish to include an ice pack in lunch boxes, especially if there are yogurts etc in there.

Arriving promptly

If children are arriving at lunch- time can they please try to arrive on time. If they are late it often makes it more difficult for them to settle and they often finish after everyone else. If you want to talk about any of these points, or indeed any aspect of the lunch club, then please do come and have a chat with us. We hope that your child enjoys being a member of the lunch club.

Creative movement class

Every Friday morning we have a creative movement tutor in to do an hour of creative movement with the slightly older children. We have to make a small charge for this. We have been running creative movement sessions for some years now and have found them to be excellent. The benefits of working with a professional tutor are numerous- developing physical movement and spatial and body awareness, listening and following instructions, using imagination, an introduction to a wide range of new styles of music, and matching movement to rhythm and beat.

Outdoor Play

Our outside play facilities, including our Children's Garden, Wildlife Garden, a large sand pit, and both grassy and hardcore play areas and woodland area, afford a wide scope of activities for the children throughout the year. Our outdoor learning den, stocked with equipment to further the children's use of the outdoors, allows us to provide the foundation curriculum outdoors as well as in. Please ensure that your child attends Pre-School with suitable clothes for the outdoorsas we aim to go out in all but the very bad weather. This includes named wellies, waterproofs or sunhats.


Our cooking facilities enable us to do cooking with the children on a regular basis. We feel that this is an incredibly important activity for the children which teaches them valuable skills, as well as about food and healthy eating.

The Local Community

We try to raise the children's awareness of their local community both by taking them out into it and by having community figures come to visit us. For example, we may visit the local church at festival times, take harvest festival gifts to the elderly residents of Barncroft. We also arrange for police officers, firefighters, RNLI crossing patrol wardens etc to come and talk to the children.


Monday to Friday: Morning 9am- 12, Afternoon sessions 12:45- 3:45.
unch club every day: 12 - 12:45pm
All day funded children (2 sessions) 9am- 3pm
Wrap around care for all day children: 3pm- 3.45

Please do not leave your child before 9am as we are still setting out the equipment and are not able to supervise the children.
Children may be collected from up to 10 minutes before the end of the session.
We would ask that all day children (9am-3pm) are collected by 3pm at the latest and have left the building by 3.05pm. Late charges will be enforced.

Wednesday Morning Sessions

Wednesday mornings are the only session which 2- 2 ½ year old children can attend. These sessions are structured primarily for these younger children, with activities and equipment which are age appropriate and provide a gentle introduction to the Pre-school.


If your child speaks little English we would appreciate it if you would work with us to teach your child a few key English words or phrases; Likewise, if you would like to teach us familiar words which you child understands, please do! . Your key worker will go through all of this as part of your smooth moves meeting. If we can not communicate then joining new settings such as Pre- School can be a very daunting and frightening experience for a young child. On our team we have staff who speak French and German.

Welcome Tree

In the main hall there is a 'tree' with every child's name and photo on a leaf. The idea is that children can recognise themselves and their friends, making them all feel included in the group. If you would prefer not to have your child's photo on display please let us know and we can arrange for a hand print instead.


If you need to contact us during session times, please phone 07889347855 (our mobile phone). This phone will also be answered out of session times. We also have a website www.kinggeorgevpreschool.com which has useful information, news, photos of recent events and is also another way that you can contact us (non urgent messages only). This could be particularly useful if you don't get into pre-school often and have a general query or would like to discuss something with your child's key worker.


Please do not bring your child if he/she is ill, even with a heavy cold or temperature . If your child is suffering from an infectious disease please allow the following time before bringing them back to Pre-School:

Could you also ensure that your emergency contact number is always contactable

We need to be able to contact you immediately if your child is ill. Please remember to tell us if you change your mobile phone number, landline or emergency contact details! In the case of an emergency, an ambulance will be called to take the child to hospital if this is necessary.

If your child has an injury, such as a bruise or cut, which they sustained before they came to the session, please inform a member of staff; we have to register these injuries so that it is clear where a child was injured.

Medicine policy.

As a general rule children who require calpol should no be brought into pre-school. However, at the discretion of the manager, the staff will ive medication to children, such as antibiotics for the tail end of an ear infection. Medicines will not usually be given unless perscribed by a doctor, dettist of pharmacist. Medication must be given to staff in the kitchen in the original bottle and must be in date.  You will be asked to fill in a form detailing when and how much medication is required. Staff will sign this off when administered and will require you to re-sign to acnowledge this.  Long term medications such as asthma inhailers must be bought into the kitchen and staff informed as to how much medication has been given that day and when it is safe to give more. You will be asked to fill in a long term medication form and to sign in the medicine book to acknowledge, if it has been given during the time your chid has been with us. Medication should NEVER be left in your child's bag in the entrance hall.  Please always discuss your child's medical needs fully with your keyworker during registration, and as soon as there are any changes to your child's health.


When entering the building a member of staff will be on the door. If the outer door is locked, please ring the bell. Never let yourself in or let another parent out unless a member of staff is with you. Outer gates must also be locked behind you. It is fir your child';s safety that we ask you to do this.

Collecting your child

Please be punctual in both bringing and collecting your child. Parents who collect their child late, especially without prior warning, will be charged extra in order to cover the cost of staff overtime. Staff must be informed if anyone new is due to collect your child. Similarly, we must also be informed if there is any person who is not allowed to collect your child. If anyone new comes to collect a child and we have not been informed by the parent they will not be allowed to take the child until we have contacted the parent. If we can't contact the parent then we will continue to look after the child but our late collection policy will be implemented. Current late collection fee information is available from the manager and on the form page of the website.


Please do not park immediately outside Barncroft Sheltered Housing (our next door neighbours) or on the grass verges outside our neighbours houses. Please approach the Pre-School area slowly and park carefully both in our own grounds and on the road immediately outside - it is very easy to block people in. Please don't let your children play on the car park. Please NEVER double park as this means that emergency vehicles will not be able to access either the pre-school or the sheltered housing complex.


Milk or water is provided for every child at snack time. We provide food such as fruit, biscuits, toast or cakes cooked by the children. Sometimes we will have food connected with a festival i.e. rice on Chinese New Year. Please ensure that you have mentioned any special dietary requirements or allergies on your child's registration form.

Suitable clothing

Please do not send your child in their best clothes. Whilst we always provide overalls for messy play, children often have a knack of getting paint and glue everywhere! Please ensure that your child is also suitably dressed for the weather. We try to take the children outside every day so please make sure that your child has a coat when it is cold, and a sun hat in hot weather. All outdoor clothing should be clearly named as it gets mixed up very easily. Children also take their shoes off when dressing up and put ones they like the look of back on!

Sun cream

Please apply cream to your child before they come to Pre-School. During the summer we will re- apply cream to any children who stay for longer than one session. Please sign the consent form at registration if you wish us to do this, or indicate if you wish to bring your own cream.


These are payable at the beginning of each half term (either in full or in instalments). Please make sure you sign the sheet when you pay your child's fees. This helps to avoid mistakes of non-payment etc. Fees are charged even if you child is absent, except in the case of longer-term illness.

Funding for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

Please note that all 3 and 4 year old children are entitled to five funded sessions a week, starting the term after their third birthday. Funding for 2 year olds requires that the family meet a certain critera. Please look on the website or ask for further details.

Applying to the school of your choice

All children must now apply direct to the Council (not the school) for a place at a school. You are not automatically allocated a place at your local school and failure to apply may mean that you do not get in! Forms will be available either from Pre-School or from the council (Tel. 716938). School places are allocated by the Council on the basis of a strict set of criteria, and parents should be aware that attendance at a school nursery will not improve the chances of your child getting a place at that school. For further details of the criteria please ask a member of staff or contact the Council on the number above.

Leaving Pre-School

When registering with our group you will be required to sign a form agreeing to give FOUR WEEKS' NOTICE when your child leaves the pre-school or payment in lieu of notice. Notice must be given to the manager who has forms which must be signed. Notice is taken as Four weeks from the date the form is signed, not the last date a child attended. If your child leaves after applying for funding we will require payment of fees at current government funding rates in order to reimburse us for the funding which will have to be returned to the Council. It is the Pre-School's policy to take legal action to recover any unpaid debts through the Derby Small Claims Court.

Parents and Pre-School

Our Pre-School is essentially a "community group" where parents are always welcome and new parents are encouraged to stay with their child until he/she has settled down. We like to involve parents as much as possible in the life of the Pre-School by encouraging parents to help out during lunch club and normal Pre-School sessions. Please do not hesitate to come and join us! In line with this ethos we will often hold 'events' at the end of term which everyone is invited to and at least twice a year we have visits to places of interest which everyone is also invited to. However, because of ratio requirements we do need parents to come along to these with their child. Our Pre-school is a registered charity and has a committee which helps to steer the group. Our AGM is held annually in October. If you are interested in joining the committee please discuss it with the supervisor and she can then refer you to the current chair.


We do hope your child will be very happy with us.