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This page contains information about the Early Years Curriculum, some ideas as to how you can support your children's learning at home and some interesting and inspirational links and articles regarding children's play.  You can also access the Pre-school's welcome booklet for parents by clicking here.


As you are aware, all children at the Pre-School have a Keyworker who monitors their children's development and regularly plans for their future learning. This is documented in each child's Learning Journey.  Key workers use the Development Matters and Early Years Outcomes documents as a guide to assess children's stages of development and to ensure that they are progressing through all seven areas of learning. For further information about the EYFS, the Government has produced a Parent information guide.  In addition, they have produced 2015 guidance 'What to expect, when' which is a detailed look at childrens development and learning stages. The Foundation Years website will also give you more general information about all aspects of the Early Years. 



Below are links to some interesting articles which give ideas and inspiration as to how to develop learning in the home and local environment:

Funky Fingers- This is a range of activities which you can do at home to increase the strength in your child's hands and fingers. This in turn supports their ability to control pencils and their early mark making/ writing.

Letters and Sounds is a programme to teach early phonics, reading and writing. In the early years, we follow phase 1 (resources can also be found on Sparklebox) 

The Communication Trust- this is a very useful site which deals with all issues relating to speech and communication.  The link will direct you to the parent's section which you may find interesting.

Some interesting activities and ideas to support your child's speech, language and communication can be found here

Child protection. The NSPCC has some useful guidance on how to talk to your child about keeping safe and protecting themselves from abuse. Please do take a few moments to look at this link- NSPCC PANTS 

E-Safety- Whilst we appreciate that our children are still young, many of them have access to your phones and to tablets, and we know that already they are very technology savvy. It is vital that we are all aware of the dangers as well as the benefits of the online world. recognising this, The NSPCC has also developed tools to support parents to keep their children safe online. It can be accessed HERE

'Parent and Carers Together' is a group, affiliated with  Derby City Council, which supports families of children with additional needs.  We can attest to the friendliness and inclusiveness of this group, who organise a range of activities, drop-in coffee mornings etc as well as providing ongoing support and information. Further information can be found at or via their Facebook page


There are also details of some lovely sites and interesting articles that we have found, many of which we use within Pre-School:   

Published 25th March 2019